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Facilitating Change

                In Every Direction !

Our consulting identifies your crucial business processes and streamlines them for better efficiency and accuracy. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your workflows and identify bottlenecks, possible security risks, and redundancies. We agree upon a proposed strategy to improve your business.

We have helped organizations to:

  • Add or augment business processes.
  • Implement new technologies.
  • Manage the risk and chaos of change …

Facilitating Change in Every Direction!


Customer Testimonials

“Martha is a strong leader and proficient professional who is gifted in strategic thought processes that cover cross-functional business requirements. Her communication skills and rapport with our surrounding team was superb. Although her office was located in Southern California, Martha was on our 7am EST sales calls, to ensure information was disseminated to our sales team in a consistent manner. She would be a tremendous asset to any organization and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”
Hans Stover

CEO , Access Point Medical

“Bowers Group is unique in that they truly understand not only technologies, processes, and tools, but also what it takes to be a good consultant. They were able to use their expertise and years of experience in the healthcare industry to guide us in reviewing new technology by outlining the market potential as well as patient efficacy.”

Steve Shaw

CEO , Chart BioMedical

“I have had the pleasure of working with Martha Bowers on several projects where her experience and in-depth industry knowledge clearly set her apart from others I have experienced.”

John Wright

Vice President Sales , Merits Health Products

“I had a misfortune of working with several so called business consultants who knew less about managing and growing a business than I did but Martha is a unique and a rare one and what that means is, she is hands on with the implementation and execution of business and job costing strategies.  She is technically savvy to understand and implement programs and cloud computing service. I highly recommend her to other business owners seeking a reliable and a hard working consultant.”
Alan Shad

CEO , Rugged Notebooks

“Your knowledge and understanding of the industry and you ability to meet deadlines was important to the projects. I would recommend your services to any of my colleagues and speak highly of you as a person and your ability to bring value.”

Andrew Jones

Senior Vice President , Masimo Corporation

“Martha has been a trusted consultant of ours for many years. Her knowledge and expertise is exceptional. She has great ideas and guidance that we have come to treasure.”

Sep 16, 2019

Scott Tennant

CEO, Senergy Medical Group

“Martha is a pro in business management and one of the very best I know at Supply Chain Management. I worked with Martha at Apria for three years and she if fiercely loyal and has a natural Owners mentality when it comes to doing what is Right for the business and the long term benefit of the company. A strategic thinker with both employees, vendors and professional relationships.”

Jay McDowell

President , Performance Strategies - Management Consulting Group

Inventory Management

Having the right mix of products for your target market is essential to your company’s viability. The Bowers Group will help you evaluate your inventory to expand or consolidate your product lines for optimal efficiency and profitability.

Marketing Development

The Bowers Group will be your partner to plan and execute strategic CRM systems to make your company more efficient, profitable, and competitive in your market.


Managing cultural changes in a merger or acquisition is one of the biggest challenges any executive will face. The Bowers Group will help you plan strategically for a successful integration, minimizing the impact on your business..

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