About Us

With over two decades of experience in the business industry, Bowers offers a unique breadth of expertise in virtually all aspects of operations, from logistics and procurement to customer service and billing. Her high-level perspective on best practices and significant change helps her clients – no matter how large or small – to cut costs and become more efficient, profitable, and competitive.

Before founding the Bowers Group, Bowers was Director of Corporate Purchasing for the nation’s largest home medical equipment supplier, headquartered in southern California, with more than $1 billion in revenues and over 500 locations. In that role, she oversaw a multi-million-dollar purchasing program with more than 200 vendors domestic and internationally. Through complex negotiations and in-depth research, Bowers achieved millions of dollars in savings for the company year after year. Bowers Group’s areas of expertise include:

Business Operations Process Re-engineering; Business Transformation, Redesign

    • Contract Management and Complex Negotiations 
    • Sourcing Strategies
    • Vendor Selection and Management 
    • Purchasing/Procurement Management
    • Inventory Management, Forecasting & Demand Planning
    • Product Consolidation and Compliance 
    • COS/COG Reductions
    • Budgeting/P&L
    • Customer Service
    • Accounts Receivable 
    • Sales Team Reporting and Redirection
    • CRM installation, SalesForce, InfusionSoft, KEAP

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