Bowers has more than twenty years of experience in the business industry, providing a wide range of expertise in different areas of operations such as logistics, procurement, customer service, and billing. She offers a unique perspective on best practices and significant changes, helping her clients, regardless of size, to reduce expenses and improve efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness.


Bowers, the founder of Bowers Group, previously served as the Director of Corporate Purchasing for the largest home medical equipment supplier in the nation. This supplier was based in southern California, had over 500 locations, and generated over $1 billion in revenues. In her previous role, Bowers managed a purchasing program worth millions of dollars and worked with more than 200 domestic and international vendors. She successfully saved the company millions of dollars each year through complex negotiations and extensive research. Bowers Group specializes in the following areas of expertise:

Business Operations Process Re-engineering; Business Transformation, Redesign

    • Contract Management and Complex Negotiations 
    • Sourcing Strategies
    • Vendor Selection and Management 
    • Purchasing/Procurement Management
    • Inventory Management, Forecasting & Demand Planning
    • Product Consolidation and Compliance 
    • COS/COG Reductions
    • Budgeting/P&L
    • Customer Service
    • Accounts Receivable 
    • Sales Team Reporting and Redirection
    • CRM installation, SalesForce, InfusionSoft, KEAP